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Vicentino Alvarinho


We know (and we don’t hide it either) that we aren’t suspicion-free – and maybe a bit biased – when we speak about ‘Vicentino’ wines.

We like the project, the vineyard’s location and the unique flavour that being so close to the sea gives the wines produced in the area.
This Alvarinho (the noblest of all the white varieties in Portugal) isn’t an exception.

This is a wine that will last on in your mouth until you’ve forgotten you tasted it (which is very difficult because you’ll always feel like going back for another sip).
It has that mineral touch that tells us this wine could only come from where it does.

The nose tells us it was born in a cradle of sand, sun, wind and sea.
It smells salty, like the beach, like the good memories of so many Summer afternoons when the sun insists on not setting and glasses seem never to run dry.

There’s nothing better than to reminisce about the long, warm, marvellous Summer days during Winter, don’t you agree? (you’ve probably noticed that it’s our favourite season of the year).

This white wine pairs well with cured Portuguese sausages and other fatty meats.

Oh, Alentejo, Alentejo… there’s no avoiding you, is there?

You’ll understand what we’re trying to say the minute you take this bottle out of the refrigerator, serve the first glass and bring it up to your nose and then have a taste.

We sometimes talk and talk and talk when all you have to do is taste the wine and reach your own conclusions. Then you’ll realise that we always tell you the truth.

Enjoy this magnificent wine’s freshness and think about visiting the Alentejo coastal region next Summer.

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Appellation: Alentejo
Style: White
Oenologist: Bernardo Cabral
Varieties: Alvarinho

Aged over fermentation lees for 6 months. 3 months in-bottle before commercialisation.

Tasting Notes

Having a strong connection to the Monção terroir, the Alvarinho variety expresses itself in the Alentejo region in full respect of its origins, presenting the elegant combination of aromas that characterises it. The vibrant acidity and minerality terminate in a salty finish that highlights its proximity to the sea.

Technical Information

ABV: 13%
Total Acidity: 7.5 g/L
pH: 3.46
Total Sugars: <2 g/L


Sea bream fillet with lemon risotto
By chef Rui Tavares

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Customer reviews


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