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Quinto Elemento Arinto Reserva



Did you know that Almeirim was officially founded in 1411 by King João II?

Access to the Tejo (Tagus) river was easy, and it quickly became a paradise for the second dynasty kings and the favourite winter getaway for many court members.

Do you remember learning when you were a child which are the four elements on our planet? Surely you do.

Well, Almeirim – a place from which it seems difficult to produce anything that isn’t of outstanding quality – achieves the 5th Element (5º Elemento) to show us that our planet has more than Air, Water, Earth and Fire.

The first vines at Quinta do Arrobe were planted in 1882, 140 years ago.

This means that these people know precisely what they’re doing here.

As soon as you open the bottle and are daring enough to pour some wine into a glass, you quickly understand what you’re in for.

Its hay-like colour immediately hints at a citric wine and acts as an invitation to a very satisfying experience.

It being Summer right now, with extremely high temperatures at that, this 5º Elemento helps us to come back down to earth and settle the ideas that might wander a bit due to the heat.

The taste of tropical fruit is very evident in this wine, making us immediately understand that we made the right choice when opening this bottle.

Each sip is a joy that transforms into a slight sadness when you tilt the bottle to serve another glassful, and it replies, “I’m sorry, but I have no more to give you!”

We have the pleasure of trying to help you with this problem.

If you enjoy accompanying an incredible wine with a dish equally as stunning, all you have to do is flip this card to see how you can create a delicious pairing and a memorable meal.

All we have left to say is… Enjoy!



Varieties: 100% Arinto
Soil: Clay-limestone
Climate: Mediterranean with Atlantic influence

Winemaking Process

The harvested grapes were carefull transported in 15kg boxes to our winery where they were immediately pressed.
Grape must was clarified by decantation and fermented at a temperature of 16°C
The finished wine aged for approximately six months before bottling.

A straw-coloured wine with greenish nuances. The aroma is of tropical fruits with citric, slightly floral notes. In the mouth, this wine is fresh, elegant and structured.

Store in a cool, dry, dark place in the horizontal position. It should be served young and at a temperature between 12 and 14°C.
Pairs well with fish dishes, seafood and white meats.

Oenologist/Winemaker: Maria Gaspar
Consulting Oenologist/Winemaker: Mário Andrade

Technical Information

ABV: 13%
Volatile Acidity: 0.52 g/L
Total Acidity: 5.26 g/L
Residual Sugars: <1 g/L


Croaker (corvina) with vichyssoise and sautéed vegetables

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Customer reviews


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