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Monólogo 2019 (Malvásia Fina)


Monólogo — from the French, monologue. (in English: monologue)

1. A long speech by one actor in a play or film, or as part of a theatrical or broadcast programme.
2. A long, tedious speech by one person during a conversation.

There’s little to no sympathy for this word.

Monologues get a bad rap. It’s difficult to deny.

When thinking of a monologue (if you forget the theatrical side of the issue), it’s difficult to avoid thinking of someone who’s very boring and never shuts up. Right?

Well, then! We’re here to bring you a message of hope: have no fear!
This Monólogo is going to be everything except boring.

Firstly, it comes from the vinho verde region and that, in itself, is a reason for celebration.

Secondly, you have a Malvásia Fina single-variety wine before you, a variety born in ancient Greece where it was also very appreciated.

Everyone knows the ancient Greeks understood and thought everything out really well.

Lastly, this Monólogo was written and rehearsed at the Quinta de Santa Teresa estate, in Baião, right on the frontier between the vinho verde and Dão regions, to now appear on stage in your home.

Can you think of a better show being put on just for you?

To finish up, we need a simple favour: share a photo of your date with this Monólogo on Instagram.

Tag us (@wome_box), so we can share your photo in our stories and guarantee you won’t be talking to yourself as if in a kind of mono-
You get the idea.

Cheers from your friends at Wome.


The Monólogo are single-variety wines produced from selected plots. The vines, in organic and sustainable production mode, are located between 180 and 400 m altitudes. The Monólogo goal is to transmit the individual expression of each of the varieties and plots every year. Intervention in the winery is limited to the accompaniment of a healthy natural fermentation process.
Mónologo Malvásia Fina P70 2019
Produced at Quinta de Santa Teresa with grapes from the P70 plot, this Monólogo is a single-variety wine with an aromatic profile and a prominent, persistent mouth. These characteristics are typical of the variety and have been appreciated since ancient Greece, from which Malvásia Fina originates.
Tasting Notes: Nose with plenty of freshness and smoky, quartz and nutmeg aromas. It is very pleasurable, balanced and unctuous in the mouth with notable granitic, spice and pear influences.
Winemaking process: The grapes were received in the winery in 24 kg boxes. Manual selection was followed by destemming, pellicular maceration and gentle pneumatic pressing. The must fermented in stainless-steel vats at a low temperature. Slight stabilisation and filtering. No animal-derived product is used in this process, making this wine suitable for vegan consumers. During the winemaking process, special care and attention were taken to minimise any intervention and produce a wine that expresses the grapes’ and terroir’s particularities.
Bottle: in February of 2020.
Climatic conditions during the 2019 harvest
The winter of 2018 proved to be quite dry. Spring was balanced and registered average rainfall for April, requiring treatment for mildew and oidium. The vineyards at the Casa do Arrabalde also registered some frost during this time. Summer, in its turn, was mild, with only one slight sunburn occurrence on the inferior altitude plots at Quinta de Santa Teresa on August 23rd. The nights were typically cool. It rained on August 8th and 9th, allowing for a reduction in hydric stress and aiding in maturation. Considering the more balanced and cooler profile of the 2019 harvest, it originated slightly more acidic wines with less alcohol content.
Serve : at 10 to 12°C
Pairs ; well with fatty fish and poultry dishes

Technical Information

Total dry extract: 20.1 g/dm³
ABV: 13%
Total Acidity: 5.5 g/dm³
Volatile acidity: 0.35 g/dm³
pH: 3.24


Grilled Fish with Cipriani Sauce
By Chef Gigi


Fish fillets of your choice
2 dl olive oil
½ onion
1 ripe tomato


1.In a saucepan, gently sauté the 2 dl olive oil, half an onion, the peeled and diced ripe tomato.
2.When ready, take off the heat and add chopped parsley and coriander.
3.Grill the fish fillets.
4.Serve with the sauce poured over the fish and accompany with your favourite vegetables.


Your wine at home


Nós escolhemos o vinho com a ajuda dos nossos especialistas.


Tu escolhes o local onde queres que o vinho te seja entregue. Em casa, no trabalho, na casa de férias ou de um amigo.


Guardamos o melhor para o fim: a prova. Delicia-te com a escolha que preparámos para ti, diverte-te e… repete tudo outra vez.

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