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Quinta de Sant’Ana Riesling biológico



The estate sits in Gradil, near Mafra, where it’s influenced by the Atlantic Ocean, the freshness of the early morning fog and hot afternoons, typical during the Spring and Summer.
Wine has been produced here since 1630 – for almost 400 hundred years – but it was only in 1969 (nearly 350 years later) that Gustav and Paula von Fürstenberg bought it, and the estate’s story finally started being told in two languages.
The 4 or 5 years that followed their acquisition were ones of true happiness for this German family, which was already thinking of planting a vineyard to produce wine when, in April of 1974, in the heat of the Revolution, they had to go back to Germany. The estate was practically abandoned for almost 20 years.
They’d always come back during the Summer, but the wine project had to be put on hold.
In 1999, the first 2.4 hectares of vineyard were planted.
But only in 2004 did the project get underway for good. For this, they received support from a very well-known name in the Portuguese wine scene but, at the time, was “only” a 24-year-old who had just finished University. António Maçanita.
The close relationship between Quinta de Sant’Ana and the oenologist lasts to this day.
António Maçanita acquired experience in other regions of Portugal, allowing him to understand better that the unique and cool climate of the estate was ideal for testing varieties such as Pinot Noir, Alvarinho and Riesling.
As for this Riesling, it’s not a wine for everybody, and there might even be those who don’t identify with the flavours it holds. But that was the idea for Quinta de Sant’Ana – to produce a niche wine for complex and varied wine appreciators.
The wine before you has the capacity to age well in its bottle, meaning you can store it for a while if you prefer. It’s a good thing to do sometimes, isn’t it?
Now that we’ve appropriately introduced this wine, it’s time for your opinion.
We’re not in a hurry, so feel free to share whenever you’re ready.
Don’t forget to turn this card over and see the recipe you can follow to accompany this wine.
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Cheers from your friends at Wome.


This wine is a certified Biological Wine

Country: Portugal

Region: Lisbon

Location: Gradil, Mafra – undulating terrain, south-facing vineyard.

Climate: Atlantic influence, morning fogs, warm afternoons.

Soil: Clay-Limestone

Style: White

Varieties: 100% Riesling

Denomination: Lisbon Regional Wine

Winemaking Process
Manual harvesting. Grapes were transported in 20kg boxes to the winery, where whole bunches were gently pressed in order to obtain a superior quality must. Cold decantation (7ºC) followed by fermentation at low temperatures (12-14ºC) in stainless-steel tanks.

Ageing: Aged for four months in vats, bottled just after the new year in order to preserve the most sensitive aromas.

Tasting Notes: A dry Riesling with excellent minerality and vibrant lime, pear and grapefruit aromas. A cheeky but consistent acidity that provides a long finish and, above all, an unusual ageing capacity which allows this wine to acquire unique characteristics, a serious opulence wrapped in the variety’s typical bouquet.

Bottles: 3443 bottles (0.75 L

Bottling: March, 2020

Launch: August 2021

Oenologist: António Moita Maçanita

Vine growing: James Frost / Amândio Cruz

Technical Information

ABV: 13%
Total Acidity: 8.1
pH: 2.87
Residual Sugars: <3.4 g/L


Azeitão puff pastry with hazelnut cream

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