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Quinta das Queimas

Field Blend Branco


Grace and Cristina Videira Lopes are two sisters from a family of five who made the decision to move forward with this wine production project on their family’s properties in the area of Santa Ovaia, Tondela, which was not in their most immediate plans. But continuing the tradition of a family that has been producing wine for over 100 years was a stronger call. Life doesn’t always follow the plans we make…, but being the 4th generation of the family to continue a project carries significant weight.
Let’s go back to 1850 when Uncle Zé Videira, a wealthy wool merchant, resided in Santa Ovaia de Cima, Tondela. He was married to Dona Felicidade, who the people said was a saint. They had various agricultural and forestry properties and were already producing wine in a home cellar for their own consumption, as was customary at that time. As they had no children, they ended up leaving the properties to the grandfather of Grace and Cristina – Manuel Videira, born in 1880.
In 1920 he married grandmother Alzira and until 1960 they developed the family, with the birth of 4 children, and also the business. They built a wool factory in Portodinho and in 1940 acquired the more modern wool factory in Parada de Gonta. Meanwhile, Grandfather Videira was planting more vineyards and producing not only for their own consumption but also for bulk commercialization. Many of the current vineyards were planted during that time from 1920 to 1960.
With the death of the grandfather in the early 1960s, and one of the sons, the properties were divided among the 3 daughters in the mid-1970s. Their mother Aurora had already married their father Armando Lopes, a lawyer, who began to expand the vineyard area, mechanize some tasks, and make improvements to the cellar. His unexpected death in 1994 interrupted plans to market a branded bottled wine.
It was then that the mother took the reins of the property in Santa Ovaia de Cima, her birthplace, and maintained the model her husband had implemented for about 20 years, selling most of the grapes to one of the area’s major producers.
The project that Grace and Cristina started in 2018 includes several estates they inherited after their mother’s death, with a total area of 30 hectares of vineyard and 10 hectares of pine forest. Near the estate that gives its name to the project, Quinta das Queimas, there is a granite landmark, called an “alminha” by the elders, and probably of Celtic origin, meaning we are talking about a landmark from the 6th century BC… that’s 2600 years old.
This Field blend is made with white grapes from the vineyard located at Quinta do Laranjal… an old-fashioned vineyard, where vines of various grape varieties are mixed in the right proportions. Encruzado, Malvasia, Gouveio, Bical, and Cercial mixed with a master’s touch, make this white wine an authentic, fragrant, and expressive blend!
Now, it’s time to taste it… at the right temperature and enjoy the sublime aromas of the Dão!


O Field Blend Branco é feito de uvas da uma vinha com cerca de 30 anos plantada ainda à moda antiga, onde videiras de várias castas estão intencionalmente misturadas com proporções certas para a vinificação.

Colheita: 2020

Castas: Encruzado (50%), Malvasia, Gouveio, Bical, Cercial e outras

Vinha: Branca do Laranjal

Ano de plantação: 1993

Vinificação: Uvas colhidas manualmente, a transportadas para a nossa adega, onde foram espremidas, seguindo-se fermentação numa cuba em aço inoxidável sob controlo de temperatura.

Estágio: 7 meses em aço inoxidável, 14 meses em garrafa

Quantidade: 3333 garrafas (quase esgotado)

Lotes: 1

Enólogo: João Oliveira

Analytical parameters:

pH: 3,26
Alcohol: 13%
Acidity: 7,67g/l


Shrimp Açorda
by Restaurant Zé Varunco

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