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The Pedra Cancela (Gate Rock) comes from the magnificent Dão region and combines the expertise of two renowned actors in the Portuguese wine world: João Paulo Gouveia and Sónia Martins.
This is a wine that’s wonderful to taste, preferably at night when the end-of-day scenario leads us to relax and unwind.
Open the bottle, let the wine breathe – this wine has been in its bottle since 2012 – prepare your mouth for what will follow: a spectacle of flavour and intensity, characteristic of Dão wines.
Did you know this is the oldest non-liqueur wine region in Portugal?
It is. Instituted in 1908, the year in which the last King of Portugal and the Algarves, D. Manuel II, took the throne. He was King for two years until the Monarchy was deposed.
Going back to the wine, seeing as that’s what we’re here for, this wine can be opened now or, if you prefer, kept for a maximum of ten years (as long as horizontally in a cool, dark place).
The decision is yours.
We have made the huge sacrifice of tasting it and can only say that you’re going to have a fabulous night when you open this wine – whenever that may be.
All we ask is for you not to forget about us when you do and tell us about your experience.

Cheers! ?

P.S. Send your Wome Box photo to your friends to show them who’s tasting all the classy wines =)

See you soon.

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Appellation: Dão and Lafões
Style: Red
Varieties: Alfrocheiro and Touriga Nacional
The Wine
Climate: Continental – Mediterranean
Soil: Granitic – sandy, slightly acidic and poor in nutrients.
Palate: Very elegant and enjoyable with an intense finish.
Finish: Long and very balanced with the typical Dão wines finesse.
Gastronomy: Grilled meats.
Expected longevity: Can be consumed immediately or in the next ten years if stored horizontally in a cool, dark place.
Winemaking process: Total destemming, fermentation with pre-maceration at a controlled temperature of 24-26°C.
Staging: 6 months in French oak barrels and 3 months basement staging.
Tasting Notes
Colour: Deep ruby
Aroma: Complex with floral, red fruit notes and some spice.
Palate: Very elegant and enjoyable with an intense finish.
Finish: Long and very balanced with the typical Dão wines finesse.

Technical Information

ABV: 13%
Total Acidity: 5.7 g/L
pH: 3.7


(Queijo da Serra Cheese is a Portuguese creamy sheep cheese from the Serra da Estrela region).


400 gr of rump steak (2 pieces)
Olive oil
Salt and pepper

50 gr of Queijo da Serra (or any equivalent creamy sheep milk cheese)
200 ml cream

Potato Puree
400 gr of potatoes
2 dl of milk
2 celery stalks (remove fibrous strings)
¼ medium onion
30 gr butter
Salt and pepper


Cook the potatoes, celery and onion with a pinch of salt. When ready, drain and blend in a food processor.
In a pot, mix the puree, and the butter cut into pieces. Season with nutmeg.
Mix over low heat and add milk until the desired consistency is reached.
Taste and adjust seasoning if needed.
Heat a frying pan (we used an iron pan) and seal off the steaks in a drizzle of olive oil.
Season with salt and pepper and reserve.
In the same pan, using the meat juices, add the cheese and the cream, warming them over very low heat. Stir continuously to combine the cheese and cream.
Serve the steak with a spoonful of cheese sauce on top and accompany with the puree decorated with thyme leaves.

Bon appetite!


Your wine at home


Nós escolhemos o vinho com a ajuda dos nossos especialistas.


Tu escolhes o local onde queres que o vinho te seja entregue. Em casa, no trabalho, na casa de férias ou de um amigo.


Guardamos o melhor para o fim: a prova. Delicia-te com a escolha que preparámos para ti, diverte-te e… repete tudo outra vez.

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