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Marquês de Laura

Sauvignon Blanc


Bernardo, Luísa, Sofia and Filipe are siblings and part of the Lencastre family, owner of the Casa de Vila Nova estate since the 12th century.
They are descendants of D. Filipa de Lencastre on the paternal side of the family. Incredible.
They knew the estate well due to spending the holidays there while growing up in the capital. However, they ended up cementing this relationship in 2009 when the four siblings got together to take over the agricultural business and develop wine production.

Going back a little in time, Luís Lencastre, the father, started as a vinho verde wine producer in the 70s and, in 1986, initiated a total reconversion of his vineyards.
Later, and for many years, the estate only produced grapes. All that changed in 2009.
The estate is located in the Castelões parish, near Penafiel, the region where the wine is “Light and Fresh”. These characteristics serve to identify the wines made in this region more easily but also limits them in terms of differentiation.
This bottled Marquis is fresh and, after being left to refrigerate for an hour, is perfect for any glass.




Varieties: Sauvignon Blanc

Soil: Open clay soils with granitic origin

Climate: Fresh climate of Atlantic influence. Heavy yearly rainfall.

Tasting Notes: This is a bright wine with fresh and tropical aromas. It’s a gentle wine that contains fantastic freshness and well-balanced acidity. Ideal for pairing with white meats, salads, fish dishes, sushi or as a starter.

Serving Conditions: Between 8° and 10°C

Technical Information

ABV: 12,5%

Total Sugars: 5.0 g/L

Total Acidity: 5.9 g/L

pH: 3.36


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