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Luís Pato Rebel



The Pato family started producing wine over 200 years ago.
The Quinta do Ribeirinho estate has been the home of generations upon generations of wine-passionate men and women since the 18th century.

Luís Pato, in particular, has been making wine for 42 years.
He has maintained his unconfirmed, rebel, convention-defying spirit since he first started making wine (this wine’s name says it all). He seems determined to prove that Nelson Mandela was right when he stated that It always seems impossible until it’s done.

That’s the case for this Rebel.
In Luís Pato’s own words, this wine wants to prove that you can make a Baga variety wine that is aromatic and possesses gentle tannins.

This wine combines 3 varieties:
1) Baga (90%) – the Bairrada region Queen variety
2) Touriga Nacional (9%)
3) Bical (1%)

We can confirm, without any reservations, that this is a very different wine.
Different and ready to open. One of the multi-prized producer’s goals was that the wine would be ready to open the year after harvesting.

On top of that, Luís Pato also wanted to show that it’s possible to produce an aromatic Baga with a gentle mouth.

It’s a wine filled with gluttony.
You’ll understand this when you realise you don’t want your glass to be empty.
The most exciting thing is that this wine’s flavour is in a continuous discovery loop as it opens and breathes.

The problem you’ll soon encounter:
– Oh, no! I only have one bottle!

We get that. Trust us.

The only thing we can say about that is that from April 1st onwards, you’ll be able to order more bottles from our online store. If you simply can’t wait, send us a message and we’ll fix it 😉

For now, turn this card over and let your mind wander through the lunch or dinner you’ll make from the recipe Chef Maria Calheiros chose to accompany this Rebel.




Region: Bairrada/Beiras
Style: Red
Varieties: Baga, Bical and Touriga Nacional

The Wine

This wine wants to prove that it’s possible to create a Baga wine that is aromatic and has gentle tannins. In it, the Baga variety represents 90% of the batch, with Touriga Nacional (9%) and Bical (1%). A shorter maceration period and severe temperature control during fermentation allow this one to be consumed during the year following its harvest. Baga sits between its two international family members, the Nebbiolo from the Barolo region in Italy and the Pinot Noir from the French Borgonha region. Within this profile, it’s closer to the finesse and aromatic strength of the latter.

Tasting Notes
Presents with blackberry, raspberry, black chocolate and wild pine resin notes. With a full mouth, it holds the elegance that only the Baga variety can supply, replicating the flavours presented in its aroma.

This wine’s character allows it to be consumed with red meat dishes or, if served at 14ºC, as an excellent accompaniment for fish dishes, be them oven-cooked or grilled.

Technical Information

ABV: 12%
Total Acidity: 4.9 g/L


Fish Stew Broth

2 potatoes
Half a tomato
Fish broth
Olive oil


Cook the potatoes in fish broth (use water used for cooking fish, for example).
In a frying pan, drizzle some olive oil and add the paprika and chopped tomato.
Mash the potatoes once they are cooked and add to the frying pan.
Add some fish broth to bring all the ingredients together and let reduce until desired consistency is achieved.

Serve with grilled fish of your choice.

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Customer reviews


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