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Dona Paterna

Alvarinho / Trajadura


The Dona Paterna winery, today belonging to Carlos Alberto Codesso, is situated in Quinta da Carvalheira, right it the centre of Paderne, near Melgaço.

Two illustrious neighbours live nearby, the Paderne Monastery and the ancient little Romanesque church, classified as a National Monument.

Legend has it that Dona Paterna founded the Paderne Monastery (a National Monument since 1910) in the 11th century. She was married to Conde D. Hermenegildo (Count D. Hermengildo), Governor of Tui (Spain).

It’s this connection to the Monastery that Paderne’s and this wine’s name originates.

Carlos Alberto Codesso has been interested in winemaking from an early age. In 1974, he convinced his father to start planting Alvarinho.

This is the same vineyard from which the single-varietal Dona Paterna you’re about to taste is born.

These vineyards are situated in the sub-region Monção-Melgaço where they enjoy a unique micro-climate.

It’s because of this that Alvarinho is considered the “King of Green Wines”.

But, enough talk.

Open the refrigerator and leave the Dona Paterna in there to cool. You’ll know what to do after.

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Região: Vinho Verde
Tipo: Branco
Castas: Alvarinho e Trajadura
O Vinho: Este vinho resulta da combinação harmoniosa da casta Alvarinho com a casta Trajadura. Apresenta uma cor amarela citrina, aroma elegante e
mineral e delicado paladar. Néctar ideal como aperitivo ou para acompanhar mariscos, pratos de peixe ou pratos de carnes de aves. Gastronomia: Sardinhas grelhadas, salada de folhas verdes, galeto assado, caldeirada de frutos do mar, queijos brancos.
Estágio: Tanques de inox.
Notas de prova: Sabor: Frutado, saboroso, leve e com agradável frescor.

Technical Information

ABV: 12%
Total Acidity: 6,7 g/dm3


Crab stuffed with toasted rustic bread (Torricado Pão Alentejano)

Ingredients (4 people):

Crab (any large-sized crab available in your region will do):
1 cooked crab
1 chilli
1 tablespoon laminated ginger
3 hard-boiled eggs
1 dessert spoon finely chopped parsley
200 gr chopped pickles
30 ml stout beer
5 ml whiskey or cognac
5 ml port wine
1 dessert spoon mustard
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon mayonnaise
1 tablespoon bread crumbs

Toasted Rustic Bread (Torricado Pão Alentejano):
4 slices of rustic bread
1 garlic clove
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 teaspoon sea salt or salt flower


Fill a large pot with water (2/3 the way up). Add salt, half a chilli and the laminated ginger. As soon as it starts to boil, place the crab in the pot and look for 10 minutes. Cool down in salted ice water.
Open the crab and remove the insides. Reserve the shell.
Pick out the roe (if female crab) and other edible parts and reserve.
In a bowl, mix the eggs, parsley and pickles, all finely chopped.
Add the stout, whiskey, cognac, port wine and mustard.
Season with salt and the remaining chilli, finely chopped. Mix well.
Add mayonnaise, bread crumbs and mix again.
Fill the crab shell with this mixture.
Place in the refrigerator and serve with the crab legs, toasted rustic bread and lemon wedges.

Toasted Rustic Bread (Torricado Pão Alentejano):
Drizzle the bread slices with olive oil and season with salt.
Cut a garlic clove in half and score the surface. Rub the garlic on the bread.
Toast the bread on both sides for 2 minutes (or until golden) in a frying pan.
Season again with olive oil, salt and garlic.
Serve warm.


Your wine at home


Nós escolhemos o vinho com a ajuda dos nossos especialistas.


Tu escolhes o local onde queres que o vinho te seja entregue. Em casa, no trabalho, na casa de férias ou de um amigo.


Guardamos o melhor para o fim: a prova. Delicia-te com a escolha que preparámos para ti, diverte-te e… repete tudo outra vez.

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