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Casa Américo Jaen



Casa Américo is a serious case of quality, balance and brilliance within the incredible wines from the Dão region.

What was once Américo Seabra’s dream now lives happily in the beautiful village of Gouveia. His home town is incredibly proud of him, now one of the most referenced producers in the region.

Take notes because the wine that you’re receiving is a true gem.
A Jaen single-variety will have you thanking the heavens for being here on this Earth tasting such a wine.

This wine is in perfect condition for ready consumption.
This means that your Wome Box is starting to become problematic, seeing as you’ll probably finish it much sooner than expected. But, don’t worry. There’s more where these came from, so feel free to pop all the corks.

This wine is just begging for you to do that.
Willingness. Time. Great company. This wine is so good that we’re pretty confident in telling you that you will be having a great time tasting it. Believe us.

There’s a curious detail in this wine – it is born from the Estate’s older vines. Adding the special touch of altitude to what older vineyards can produce brings about this absolute gem of a wine.

It’s an elegant and very fresh wine, showing off all the Jaen variety traits.

We’ll say no more, ok?

There’s not much more to say about a wine like this, except for perhaps the following: enjoy!

Cheers! 🍷

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Region: Dão and Lafões
Style: Red
Varieties: Jaen

The Wine
Casa Américo was established by Américo Seabra, father, who had the dream of producing wines in the place where he was born, Vila Nova de Tazém. The project was executed by his sons who recovered the 18th-century property and built a new wine cellar.

Today, Casa Américo possesses 100 hectares of vineyard, with the oldest vines being over 100 years old. The plots were planted with the Dão region’s most noble varieties and are located in nutrient-poor granitic soils at 500 to 600 metre altitudes. The sub-region where they are located, the Serra da Estrela, is one of the Dão region’s most important terroirs. This is where wines with unique freshness and elegance are produced.

Vineyard: These grapes come from a plot located in Vila Nova de Tazém. The vines are 50 years old, production is at approximately 4 tons/hectare. They are harvested upon reaching the ideal maturation point.

Winemaking Process
The grapes were carefully selected on the vine and then totally destemmed into a granite lagar. During fermentation, the must was homogenized by foot treading. Temperature control was achieved through endogenous plates. This wine aged for a minimum of 12 months in-bottle before being marketed.

Stainless-steel vats.

Tasting Notes
Open ruby colour. Subtle aroma with red fruit notes such as strawberries and raspberries. Elegant mouth with good acidity and well-rounded tannins.

Technical Information

ABV: 13%
Total Acidity: 5.5 g/L
pH: 3.69
Total Sugars: 1.3 g/L


Oven-cooked Codfish with baked potatoes (serves 4)

4 codfish pieces, one per person
6 garlic cloves
800 gr of new potatoes
2 bay leaves
Extra-virgin olive oil

Place the potatoes in cold water with some salt to begin with and cook until ready.
Pre-heat the oven to 180ºC.
In an oven tray, lay out the fish pieces and add the olive oil, garlic cloves and bay leaves.
Place in the oven and cook for approximately one hour.

Add the potatoes and more olive oil.
You can serve the codfish pieces whole or shred it to mix with the potatoes. Add chopped coriander for serving.

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