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Wome Mistery Box

If you enjoy wine, want to know more wines and have a fuller wine experience when you have a glass of wine, you’re in the right place.

Having a hard time choosing new wines? WOME Box has arrived to help, adding the convenience of delivery to the solution. Every month, you’ll receive 4 new bottles of wine. With them, new discoveries of aroma and taste, and a carefully built journey to the history of the grapes and the people that created the wine.

We all want to discover surprising new wines, but it’s not always easy to get advice when choosing and buying wine. Plus, and citing Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, “Life is too short to drink bad wine”.

When you subscribe to WOME Box, you’ll become part of the WOME Club and receive a WOME Box every month. Opening a bottle of wine will no longer be about uncorking it but rather a journey through the history that, from Portugal’s North to South, makes each bottle a unique moment.

Easy and simple!


Each bottle we send has a collectable information card for you to know more about the wine, producer and grape varieties. You can also register some notes about the experience so you can repeat it whenever you desire.

Still not convinced but want to stay up to date?


If you want to gift a WOME Box, it’s simple, quick and uncomplicated:

#1 Share the address to where we should send it

#2 Write your personalised message

#3 In 3 days, the person will receive their WOME Box.

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