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What brought us here

We’re passionate about wine and great moments with family and friends.

We’re aware that different people experience wine differently. We believe that a wine experience can be improved by enriching that experience through a better understanding of the wine and how it should be savoured to become unforgettable.

We want to improve the experience every time a bottle of wine is opened and, above all, to avoid it becoming easily forgotten, as happens to so many wines.

This is how WOME Box was born, to answer the question ‘how can we improve the experience for those who enjoy drinking wine?’ While we discussed all the ingredients that go into making a fantastic wine experience, we realised that there are a few factors that make all the difference. This is where our work started – how can we influence the occasion to become the best possible experience with a particular bottle of wine?

We understood that choosing a wine is mainly done according to the offer available at a supermarket. This is the point of purchase for approximately 80% of those who responded to our initial questionnaire. Having access to advice from a specialist can make an enormous difference. This is what we propose to do – for our team to curate great wines from Portuguese producers that aren’t available in supermarkets so that those that aren’t easy to find may be discovered.

Every month, we’ll have a new experience made up of novel wines with distinct characteristics from various wine regions to enrich the knowledge of Portuguese wines. The wines will be accompanied by an information card containing their profile along with some curiosities and history that will increase the emotional connection to each of them.

It’ll be a comfortable and relaxed learning journey accompanied by specialists. We’ll walk you through the producers, grape varieties and the history that helped build the richness and the various layers of flavour and aroma of wines you’ll want to taste.

By adhering to our wine club, we’ll send you a new WOME Box to your address every month. We can’t make it any easier.

Another of the problems we frequently face is what to take to dinner at a friend’s house or offer family and friends. If they enjoy wine, the WOME Box is an excellent solution for both cases.

We hope that you become as passionate about this experience as we are and that you stay with us for a long time. Nevertheless, leaving the club will be as easy as it is to join. No questions asked!


We want to help develop Portugal and dynamise our producer’s activity.

We work to decrease our impact on the environment to a minimum.

We dedicate 1% of revenue to aiding national social institutions.


We work with several producers and specialists that guarantee a diverse selection of regions and types of wine we work with.

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